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Are you a member of a blended family? We would love to hear from you. Family Fusion Community welcomes members of blended families of all types, and professionals who deal with blended families and divorce. We welcome same-sex parents, divorced parents, step-parents, and foster parents. Contact us: trisheklund@familyfusioncommunity.com.

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  1. I have been through a divorce and married my soul mate whom had custody of his three children. So I became a step mom of three children that lived with us full time. Some people said I was crazy because my kids were grown and on there own. Sometimes it is hard but would not change a thing. God is good and he knew what he was doing when he but our families together.

  2. I recently went through an extremely challenging divorce. I am a proud father who had to fight long, hard and spend a great deal of money to secure a relatively “okay” custody arrangement with my children. If the father in a divorce you are at the short end of the stick regardless of the history of the mother. I am honored to know many great men that love being a dad but their stories are not often told or do not have a place to be heard. Thanks to all the bloggers for sharing their stories.

    • Jamey, Thank you so much for commenting! This is exactly the reason that I started this website. I wanted to create a community for those of us who live in blended families. All of these brave, wonderful parents who blog for it amaze me with every story. I’m so glad we are giving other parents a place where they can identify, learn from one another, and support one another.

  3. I am part of the more rare community of the “childless stepmom”. When I married my husband, I was 42 years old. We thought about trying for one of our own, but when it seemed unlikely, I opted for puppies instead. I also decided to put my focus and love towards my two step kids. It has been an up and down journey, for sure, but we are now a solid family of two adults, two teens, two dogs, and one cat. I think we qualify as a blended family! 🙂

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