Nifty Fifty Challenge

SONY DSCKelly challenged me from Weathered Words.

1. Are you a morning or night person? I have almost always been a night person, but as I have aged it has been more difficult for me to stay up too late. I find it hard to sleep in too late, so when I do stay up I end up waking up too early.

2. Do you prefer, sweet or salty? Always sweet!
3. Ninjas or pirates? Pirates all the way.
4. Ninjas vs pirates, discuss… Ha, Pirates. I’m not sure what there is to discuss. Pirates are far more interesting. They are adventurous. They travel by ship! They usually have swords, jewels, and  gold. Seriously, what is not to like?
5. Autobots or Decepticons? I don’t care. 🙂
6. What was your favorite childhood television show? Land of the Lost. I was a child of the ’70s. Naturally, when the movie came out starring Will Ferrell, I fell in love with it! I lost count of how many times I’ve watched it.

 “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” -Audrey Hepburn

7. Are you a collector of anything? Books, Trunks, photos of abandoned places now that I take them they are everywhere, just ask my family. 🙂
8. If you could be any animal, what would you be? A bird so I could fly. Duh.
9. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Seriously, I would fly.
10. What is usually your first thought when you wake up? My children.
11. What do you usually think about right before falling asleep? I usually think about story ideas, and places I want to visit and photograph. My brain never stops, like most of us.
12. What’s your favorite color? Green. It changed. It was blue for many years and now it’s green.
13. What’s your favorite animal? I adore ALL animals, especially horses, and have since I was little. I love cats almost as much, with dogs coming in third. I like just about all animals with the exception of insects, however I have a hard time killing anything.
14. Do you believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets? Yes, without question. It’s extremely arrogant to think (in my opinion)  to believe in this vast universe we are the only tiny planet with life on it.
15. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes. Read my abandoned site. I have had many paranormal experiences in my life.
16. Ever been addicted to a video/computer game? Which one(s)? No interest, sorry.
17. If you were given 1 million dollars, what do you spend it on? I would invest it in my business.
18. Have any bad habits? Coffee. I’m an ex-smoker, but after my father had a severe stroke I would never smoke again. I think once you have smoked, you never completely stop thinking about it. I still crave them every once in a while.
 Jerry's Place
19. Which bad habits, if any, drive you crazy? When people refuse to try to make any sort of an effort. Close-mindedness.
20. List 3 of your best personality traits: Creative, Loving, Determined
21. List 3 of your worst personality traits: Stubborn, Inpatient, and when it comes to my creative life I tend to be a workaholic. My family is continuously dealing with a distracted mom/wife/daughter. No matter what I’m doing, I have writing in the back of my mind, bubbling up beneath the surface. I have pens and notepads hidden everywhere just in case an idea pops up, which happens all the time (especially in the shower).
22. Have any celebrity crushes? I plead the 5th, but I love Charlie Hunnum in Sons of Anarchy.
23. List 1 thing you wish you could change about yourself: I would love to write and take pictures full-time, and be able to support myself and my family. 
24. Any tattoos or piercings? I had my nose pierced, but allowed it to close. I actually got my nose pierced with Brian, my ex-husband’s brother. I want a tattoo, but haven’t narrowed it down to one yet.
25. What’s the first thing you notice in the opposite sex? Smile.
26. What’s your dream date? Exploring something abandoned, going to a concert or traveling.
27. What personality traits do you look for in a partner? Kindness, humor, honesty,  intelligence, creative, open-minded, grounded, self-love, nurturing, adventuresome. The biggest thing for me has always been someone who supports me no matter what, and can make me laugh. Someone who remains my friend, and will always talk to me.
28. What personality traits do you dislike in other people? Close-mindedness, cruelty, and a lack of humor.
29. Do you see yourself getting married in the next 5 years? I wouldn’t think so….
30. Are you mostly a clean or messy person? Cleanish. It depends on where in the writing process I am how neglectful I am on the cleaning. 🙂
31. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? The mountains.
32. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Right now I would choose Santa Fe to see my dear friend, Richard.
33. List 5 goals on your life’s to-do list: Photograph abandoned places all over the country, take my daughters and husband to see the ocean, find my next agent, publish several books (no, I refuse to settle for just one), inspire others with my words and photographs.
34. Name 1 regret you have: I was not able to say goodbye to my father before he passed away.
35. Name 1 thing you miss about being a kid: 
36. Name 1 thing you love about being an adult: Having kids.
37. What’s your favorite song at the moment? Ashes of Eden, Breaking Benjamin
 38. What’s your favorite song of all time? Just one? I don’t think I can honestly choose one song.
39. What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Write or go take a drive and take pictures of something abandoned and rotting!
40. What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Explore something abandoned.
41. Have any hidden talents? I can play the pretend trumpet. Photography was unexpected.
42. You’re about to walk the green mile, what do you have as your last meal? Chocolate, since I am no longer able to eat it.
43. What would be your dream job?  Writing, traveling, and full-time photography all together.
44. Which would you rather have, 100 million dollars or true love? Love
45. If you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be? To talk to my father, my grandmother, and my brother-in-law one more time.
46. Ever wish you were born the opposite sex? Yes. Men can fly under the radar and get stuff done without a second glance. No one questions them or their abilities.
47. Name 1 thing not many people know about you: I have a strange ritual I’ve done since I was a little girl every time I eat pretzels. Don’t ask. Oh, and I love to play practical jokes. I have fake vomit, fake poop, a fart machine, and all kinds of stuff. My daughters think I’m such a kid.
48. If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to? I do change it every time I write a new fictional character.
49. Do you believe in the afterlife? Yes, absolutely without a doubt.

50. How do you feel about cookies? They complete me.

I am going to challenge…

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Trish Eklund is raising her two daughters of thirteen and sixteen with her husband, ex-husband, and his wife. Trish is the owner and creator of Family Fusion Community. She is also the owner and founder of Abandoned, Forgotten, and Decayed, a photographic adventure in the abandoned and the forgotten. Trish’s photography has been featured on Only in Nebraska and Pocket Abandoned. Follow on Instagram, Facebook, Facebook-Family Fusion Community, and Pinterest. Trish is featured on The Mighty, Making Midlife Matter, and on The Five Moms. Trish is also regularly featured on Huffington Post Divorce, as well as Her View From Home. Trish also has an essay in the anthology, Hey, Who’s In My House? Stepkids Speak Out by Erin Mantz, which is currently available. The first book telling the story of blended family life from the perspective of the stepkids.

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4 thoughts on “Nifty Fifty Challenge

  1. Fun to read, Trish! We have a lot in common. Many of those I’d answer the same way. Lol I’d love to write full time and support my family on my writing, I’d choose pirates (so exciting!), favorite quality in a person is open-mindedness and a love of laughing, and I’m still a night owl, though, as you said, the older I get the more that changes… 🙂 I used to be into photography, and still love taking pictures, but I must say you are truly a gifted photographer. I was never that talented!

  2. Thanks, Shawn! I appreciate that so much. This was so much fun. You should write the challenge as well! What is your favorite thing to photograph? I forgot to add that I enjoy playing practical jokes on people. Maybe I’ll add that!

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