Daughters of Divorce by Terry Gaspard, MSW, LICSW & Tracy Clifford

Daughters of Divorce

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Mother and daughter duo, Terry Gaspard, MSW, LICSW, and Tracy Clifford have over thirty years of experience of clinical practice, and have interviewed over 320 daughters of divorced parents in writing this phenomenal resource for all women who are ready to move beyond their parents’ divorce.

Several things I loved about this book. First being Terry and her daughter Tracy are both insightful;  not only from years of clinical experience, but from their own personal experience with divorce. The perspective from both mother and daughter give the reader insight into both sides of the relationship, which is extremely helpful  when you are both a daughter of divorce and a mother of daughters.  They interviewed hundreds of real women with endless case scenarios; showing the various areas of relationship divorce impacts us. The book also contains many excerpts and quotes from other books on divorce.

Daughters of Divorce is much more than a book, it’s a relationship toolbox for daughter’s of divorce and for mothers of divorce. If you are interested in healing, growing, and achieving healthy relationships in your life, this book is for you.

Excerpt from Chapter 5, page 87: Step Three: Longing for Dear Old Dad, Overcome Your Broken (or Missing) Relationship With Your Father : During the teen years, a father makes an important contribution to his family, since he provides a sense of balance and accountability. Because girls naturally distance themselves from their mothers during adolescence, it is the father who can validate their femininity. Study after study shows that fathers set up their daughters  to achieve success in intimate relationships. Naturally, young women like Diana, whose fathers vanish, often experience trust issues. Diana explains, ‘I don’t trust men; I always assume that they are going to turn on me. I hide things and I am deathly afraid. I want to run yet I keep trying. I can’t give up because there is always a chance that things might work out.'”

This chapter actually reminded me of a piece I recently published on the Huffington Post about my relationship with my father, who rejected me initially following the divorce with my mother. The therapeutic part of the book is no two people will get the same advice, information or help from this resource. We are all unique with our own set of family dynamics, with individual scars and relationship challenges.

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Another fabulous tool for children of divorce, and divorced parents is Terry’s website, Moving Past Divorce. Terry is regularly featured on the Huffington Post. You can buy Terry and Tracy’s book from Amazon directly here! Follow Terry and Tracy on Twitter and Facebook. Make sure to review the book on Amazon when you read the book.

Trish Eklund is taking a nontraditional approach to parenting children after divorce and remarriage. Raising her two daughters of thirteen and sixteen with her husband, ex-husband, and his wife, they consult one another on all parenting decisions. Trish is the owner and creator of Family Fusion Community, an online community for blended families of all types. Trish is featured on Huffington Post Divorce. Trish is also the creator of Abandoned, Forgotten, & Decayed, a photographic adventure in the abandoned and forgotten. Her abandoned photography has been featured on Only in Your State. She is a regular feature writer on Her View From Home, a lifestyle magazine that connects your view to the rest of the world. Trish Eklund has an essay, Happy Endings, in the anthology, Hey, Who’s In My House? Stepkids Speak Out by Erin Mantz. The first book telling the story of blended family life solely from the perspective of the step-kids. Follow her on Twitter: @trishiewriter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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