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Just like every family, ours has its ups and downs. About a month ago we were going through one of those times when one of the kids was really pushing buttons. The step-parents were feeling unappreciated, and then Molly got sick. She has been unable to drive for almost three weeks, causing more stress on their household.

Trish, Ali, Molly

I have grown to truly care for Jeff and Molly’s children, Ayden and Peyton, and I would honestly walk through fire to keep those kids safe. I consider them my family because they are my daughter’s family. You can’t get more family than that! I offered to help however I could.

Ayden & Ali Homecoming









 Cami & Ali Homecoming

Bob and Ali Homecoming










Ali & Jeff Homecoming

Photos above: Me, Ali, and Molly, 2nd: Ali and Ayden, 3rd: Ali and Cami (my girls), 4th: Ali and my husband, Bob, 5th: Ali and her dad, Jeff.

In spite of everything going on, we always manage to pull together and do whatever we have to do to help to make sure all of the kids get everything they need.

Molly Brian's Memorial

Jeff and Molly unveiled a memorial landscape for Jeff’s brother, Brian in August. He passed away in October of 2014. We were invited to the memorial, and it was a very special night.

Trish and Bob at Seether

My husband, Bob and I had a much-needed date night out at a Seether concert in early October. We had so much fun!

Molly B-day

Molly had a birthday in early October. Jeff threw her a party, and invited me and the girls (it was our weekend). We attended, with gifts, and it was not awkward at all. I think we have pretty much surpassed that point. Other people certainly still get uncomfortable, but we don’t.

Ali and Cami Halloween 15

The featured photo was shot in the car on the way to trick-or-treating, with me, Ali, Cami, Jeff, Molly, and their children, Ayden and Peyton. My husband, Bob stayed home to pass out candy at our house. Cami dressed up as the day of the dead, and Ali was an angel/devil. She and Molly also wore their be the voice shirts for suicide awareness. We usually take turns with the girls on Halloween, at least that is how we started out with our parenting plan. As our family evolved, we decided it was silly to miss out on the last few precious Halloween experiences we had left with the girls, so we just spend them together, regardless of who’s night it happens to fall on. I always look forward to it, and I love seeing the girls trick-or-treating with their siblings.

Ali and Trish Halloween 15

My beautiful, talented girls. I am so proud.

Cami and Trish Halloween 15


Ali and Molly stop suicide

Be the voice, #StopSuicide. I am ordering mine and Cami’s this week!

Trish & Ayden Halloween 15

Me and Ayden.

I had so much fun with Ayden! I enjoy seeing Ayden and Peyton look up to my girls. The wonderful surprise is both Ayden and Peyton love me. They call me Mama Trish, and they consider me an important family member. I’m so excited that they will grow up happy with their older sister’s mom, and will have no issues whatsoever with the whole step/ex stigma. What a concept!

Jeff, Molly, and Peyton Halloween

Molly, Peyton, and Jeff

With everything going on, I try to help however I can, even if that means helping Molly by picking up her kids with her from daycare. She has done the same for me when I have needed help. She was one of the only people who helped me clean out my father’s home upon his passing. Honestly, we have evolved so much, it doesn’t even seem weird to me anymore, and I have lost the desire to care as much about other people’s approval. Unless they plan to pay my bills, or live in one of our two households, their opinions are none of my business.

Carload Halloween

Trish Eklund is taking a nontraditional approach to parenting children after divorce and remarriage. Raising her two daughters of twelve and sixteen with her husband, ex-husband, and his wife, they consult one another on all parenting decisions. In addition to Family Fusion Community, Trish is also the owner and creator of Abandoned, Forgotten, & Decayed, A photographic adventure in the abandoned and forgotten. She is a regular feature writer on Her View From Home, a lifestyle magazine that connects your view to the rest of the world. Trish Eklund has an essay, Happy Endings, in the anthology, Hey, Who’s In My House? Stepkids Speak Out by Erin Mantz. The first book telling the story of blended family life from the perspective of the stepkids. Trish revisits the rocky relationship with her own stepmom, one of the main reasons she is so determined to co-parent with her children’s stepmom, and her own idea of a happy ending. The book is available on Amazon for Kindle now! To preorder the print copy: Barnes & Noble. Trish has been featured on, and Follow her on Twitter: @trishiewriter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Trish Eklund Head-shot

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