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My husband and I try to find new and creative ways for our children to interact with each other. Our children are 19, 18, 15 & 13…in the next 3 months, everyone will become a year older! Whew! Anyway, with that many teenagers, likes and dislikes are varied and few and far in between. Movies are almost always impossible to pick out, my son likes action/violent movies (so does my husband). His daughters like comedy/child-like movies ( we bought his oldest daughter “Frozen” for Christmas last year when she was 14 – she loved it!) Our oldest likes whatever is most popular…I like “chick flicks”! So, imagine picking a movie that all 6 people will like.


One night a couple of years ago we were wanting to watch a movie, and of course, no one could agree on the movie…so my husband got the bright idea to watch old videos of when his girls were babies. So I got out my old videos of when my kids were little too. Boy! Did we have a blast! We laughed, and joked and made fun of each other – in a really good way! We were up until almost midnight watching these movies and remembering – and at the same time we made memories of our own! We still refer back to things we saw in the videos and say “remember when…” like most “normal” families get to do.


You see, we didn’t have a history together – our history is only a few years old and we are still working on creating our history. The house that we live in my husband had bought before his first marriage. In the videos we were able to see the house before he remodeled it and made it what we live in today. This was all done before he and I were married. The children really liked seeing how it “used to be”. They liked seeing each other as babies and what their personalities and dispositions were like. We laugh because my son whined and cried in almost every video until he was a toddler. We decided that was because no one was giving him attention – everyone was focused on his older sister. We still laugh about that! We laughed when my husband’s oldest, Bethany was 2 – her younger sister, Meagan was being baptized at Mass. Well, Bethany was running around all over the church, almost dumped over the baptismal font, went back and forth across the altar and was a complete and total HAM! This is SO NOT her personality today – she is quiet and shy. We are always teasing her about what a brat she was in church that day, we laugh and laugh about it.


These are our memories….these times can’t be taken away from us. We got out the videos again during this past holiday season and again, stayed up until midnight watching them. These videos will forever be priceless to me – forever! As I am “trying” to prepare for my son to leave for the Navy, these moments mean more than ever. If I could, I would spend every evening until he leaves watching these videos…precious!


Kay Berg is a bio mom of two children. Annie is 19, and Brad is 18. She is also step-mom to Bethany, 15, and Meagan 13. She has been married to her husband, Rod for almost 6 years. She is the Director of Religious Education, and Youth Minister at a Catholic church in Northern Wisconsin. Kay and Rod are learning how to blend their family on a daily basis, sometimes it goes well and sometimes not. But each day is a new day to learn and grow.



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