5 Ways to De-Stress


This time of year has a way of sneaking up on everyone. It’s brisk and the kids are back in  school, then suddenly it’s Halloween! Then Halloween has come and gone. Then November first goes to November , then it is  time for 28th to turkey! Now your mother-in-law is knocking on your door, your dog  peed on your carpet, your step-daughter is yelling at her mother, her ex will not trade days, a

  1. Take time for yourself. It’s not always easy to step away from the craziness of the holidays and take time for you, but eve a few minutes soaking in the tub or meditating for fifteen minutes.
  2. Share some of the cooking duties with other family members. We all want to be able to work full-timer hours, take care of our blended families, have wonderful marriages, and cook perfect meals. HELLO!! It is NOT POSSIBLE! It’s okay to ask for help.
  3. Take time off of work. It is so much easier to get everything done when you plan time off. Even one extra day off before and after each holiday can make a huge difference in holiday stress!
  4. If your ex asks if you can switch hours, try to be flexible. so many things can come up this time of year, and when you’re flexible with one house hopefully it will be reciprocated at some point.
  5. Remember to eat healthy in between the huge family dinners, sometimes loaded with sugar, carbs, and lacking protein. Drink plenty of water and get as much sleep as possible.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Trish Eklund is taking a nontraditional approach to parenting children after divorce and remarriage. Raising her two daughters of ten and fourteen with her husband, ex-husband, and his wife, they consult one another on all parenting decisions. Trish has been featured on www.playground-magazine.com, and www.bigblendedfamily.com. She is a regular writer on www.herviewfromhome.com, writer and co-editor for Her View From Omaha. Follow her on Twitter: @trishiewriter, Google +, and Pinterest.



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