DIY Fall Wreath

My oldest daughter Ali and I went to Hobby Lobby the other day for a little browsing. I’m fairly certain we could both spend hours in there. We love that place! Of course its October and every isle is full of fall decor. I found a big wreath I absolutely loved. Problem was it cost $229.99. Even if I could afford to spend that kind of money on a wreath, I wouldn’t. Instead, we started pricing what it would cost to make our own. Luckily, all of the fall craft stuff was 40-50% off. We went through and gathered up all the things we thought would look good on the wreath and headed for the check out. All of our pieces and parts cost less than $30!Wreath1

Wreath2Now comes the part of putting it together. I’m a pretty handy person. If its furniture that needs to be repurposed and repaired or a quilt needs to be made… I’m the one to call. For creative details, that’s in Ali’s wheelhouse. We figured between the two of us we might be able to pull it off. However, she had to go and is a very busy young lady who is a full-time nursing student and works 12 hour varying shifts at the hospital. That left me to attempt craftiness on my own…uhh oh.

This is the wire wreath I bought. It was labeled Halloween Wreath and was only about $4. After doing this project, I think it’s much better to buy the 4 wire craft wreaths that run between $5-$10. It would be much easier to push the burlap loops through when there are more that 2 wires. Craft and learn. And don’t mind our cat Mak in the pic….he isn’t the only one that will show up in the pics. Aparantly craft supplies look like fun cat toys.


First thing was to cut the burlap in strips. I bought 2 yds of burlap and it cost me $7.98. Gotta love Hobby Lobby for their sales. This wreath making thing was kind of on a whim, so I forgot to check the price difference of the burlap ribbon at the store. I did find a roll of 10yds of Burlap Ribbon for under $6 at Wal=Mart. It is about 5-6″ wide and might be easier to work with. I won’t be testing that theory out anytime soon because I discovered that I have an allergy to burlap. I scrubbed myself clean with antibacterial soap and took a benadryl to keep from scratching my eyeballs out.Wreath4



Of course I had to have more company when it came to this task. Mak and Eva couldn’t resist supervising. Mostly they wanted to eat the wreath and the burlap.




Next step was to take the burlap and push it through, making loops around the wire wreath. Because this one only had two wires I used the ties that were attached to the wreath and strands that came off the burlap to secure loops wherever I felt it needed it. I told you I’m not typically crafty so it was trial and error. Mostly I’m just….ahhem….Thrifty.



Much to my surprise, I actually got it! I used a fork and some fairly colorful vocabulary when I stabbed myself with said fork, but I was alone. Except that cats; they didn’t seem to care about that. I usually have a beautiful image in my mind, but can’t seem to get it to fruition. For once I got it!



Not too shabby!

I wanted to add a little sparkle to the wreath. I bought a piece of prepackaged holiday garland (cost about $3). It was a sparkly copper color and was 9 feet long. I folded it in half the long way to make two long strips and wrapped them around the wreath.


As you can see, the ties that were attached to the wreath were very helpful in attaching the ribbon and other decor.


Of course Eva the cat had to join in again!

I bought a length of fall leaves. There were about 4 different color schemes to choose from which was pretty nice. I wanted mine to have deep, rich colors. I choose the one with deep burgundy and purple that faded into deep orange.

Fall Leaves and Pumps

Again, I just looped it around loosely until I had the look I was going for and then I secured it with the black ties that were attached to the wreath and some more of the strands from the burlap. I also added one pumpkin before I took a pic. Oops. I was starting to itch at this point and was trying to hustle. Ha ha.

Lastly, I added a couple of fall branches and the pumpkins. they had floral sticks attached to them which made it easy to push through and secure to the wreath. For a little security insurance, I got out the hot glue gun and went over any areas I felt needed a lilttle more stability on the backside.



All in all I spent just under $30! I probably could have spent a little less if I had experience ahead of time. My daughter Ali came over the other day and said it looked amazing! She started in on plans to make more and sell them….and then I told her about my allergic reaction. Gloves and goggles were recommended. HAHA! My cousin Lisa, who KNOWS I am not that crafty, almost didn’t believe I made it until I told her I wasn’t joking.

After the hot glue dried, I had the hubby hang it on the front door for me. It looks pretty cool if I don’t say so myself. I may spray it with a artificial floral protector to keep me from itching like a mad woman when I have to touch it. It was worth it though. It looks great and will work on the door for the entire fall season.

Why spend $229.99 when you can do it yourself for under $30 in about an hour?

If I can do it…I know you can do it!

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