DIY Turn Old Dressers into Shabby Chic

Big Dresser Before

Small Dresser before

Do you need a family project? The thing I love about restoring furniture is that all of us are able to help. It also get’s the kids away from technology, which is a challenge these days! My husband had two old dressers that were not being used. My youngest daughter has had old mismatched furniture in her bedroom. We decided it would be a fun project to paint them in fun colors to match her bedding.

Big Old Dresser Before

Small Drawer before

The front of the drawers look like intricately carved wood, but it is actually plastic. We purchased spray-paint for both, one color for each, (both had primer in the paint), and we bought metallic spray-paint for the hardware. We looked into purchasing new hardware, but it was too costly. These pieces did not need to be sanded.

Old Big Drawers Out

  • First step is to place furniture onto a tarp, take the hardware off of the drawers (place in a baggie until ready to paint the hardware). Take the drawers out of the dresser.

Big Dresser PaintSmall Drawer after

  • We chose quick-dry paint. Add the first coat, and then take a chain and run across the areas that you want to look distressed, and make sure not completely dry when you distress the areas, otherwise it will not work as well. Coat with another layer and let dry.

Painting Big Dresser

Drawer distressed


  • Place hardware onto a board or cardboard and spray the first coat of metallic. We put 2 to 3 coats on the hardware.

painting hardware


  • Once everything is dry, put the hardware back onto the dresser.

Small closeup after hardware

Big Dresser After

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