A Sparkly Headboard for my Niece

When this beautiful little face looks up at you and says, “Aunt Kat, mine want you to make me a pwincess bed whiff spawkwilies to go whiff my tangled sheets.” Let me just tell you I’m going to make that happen! I had kept the headboard from my son’s old bed intending to use it for Skyler at some point. When a toddler requests a princess bed, and you are the best aunt on the planet, you deliver! Needless to say, as you can see, it was a well used teenage boy inspired piece of furniture.

beforeThis is a particle board and veneer headboard, so it’s not as simple to repurpose as something solid wood. This took a little more care in the fact I had to use a razor blade to remove the stickers. Sanding them off would have taken too many layers of veneer off and ruined the piece. After a little goof off on what was left of the sticky residue and a light sanding, it was ready to get painted.

Then next comes the priming. I guess you could forego this step if you would like. However, since it was dark blue and I was going to a light lavender color, I wanted good coverage and I didn’t want to put five layers on to get it. (Aahhh the irony….you will see) I used Bulls-Eye 123 Primer for multi surfaces. I guess I’m not too picky on primers except to be sure it’s for the surface I’m using it on. I probably had this lying around so I figured I may as well use it.

sandedAfter letting it dry overnight, I busted out my handy Wagner Sprayer and gave the whole thing a good covering of the lavender. I put about two coats on letting it dry for a couple of hours between layers, touching up where needed. A friend gave me the sprayer and I wanted to give it a try, but a brush and small roller is just as effective. Another day of dry time later and it’s glitter-paint time!!! I found this paint at Wal-Mart in the mistents.


I think it was meant to be. Thanks to my furniture obsession, I’m constantly checking the mis-tent section of Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, and every other place that sells paint. To find a Disney Glitter paint that was mis-tented the exact color of purple I needed and was only $7.50!! Yeah! It’s mine! I know, I have a tendency to get a little excited about paint….and discounts. Hey, I’m thrifty. I have to be. Teenagers are expensive, and I have a ‘Best Aunt Ever” title to uphold.
So, here’s the only downfall of this glitter paint….it’s meant to be clear so having a color get the saturation you want will take multiple layers. This took me about 10-12 layers. I lost count at some point, so it might be more to be quite honest. Here’s a hint; don’t let it sit outside to dry if you live in a humid environment like I do. IT WON’T DRY. The hubby and I had to carefully pick it up and move it into the climate controlled building we use as his rock shop (more on that another time). After that, dry-time was a piece of cake. I let each coat dry for at least a couple of hours and sometimes longer if I wasn’t able to get to it that day.

after After2

Next came the cute little mirror set Sky saw at one of our Target outings (on clearance, of course). I used liquid nails to apply these. Lets face it, she is 3 and will peel them off if she gets a chance just because she can. So I removed that issue. I stuck the bigger mirror on the inside because I wasn’t sure which side of the bed would be against the wall, and this way it won’t matter now or when they move.
I think it turned out pretty great. It really sparkles! Thanks to the glitter being in its own poly like topcoat, the surface is also pretty smooth. Delivery day was great!

sky and headboardKat Smith is a 39-year-old insanely busy mother of three fantastic young people. Married to an amazing hubby Jeremy, a man 7 years her junior (he had to be younger to keep up with the fun at her house).
She is a full-time working parent dealing with a sometimes debilitating nerve disease, and a part-time ex-husband. She has been writing for decades yet she is new to blogging. She writes to expose her truth, shares her hobbies, feelings, struggles, triumphs and daily survival. She loves a great gel pen, photography, DIY projects and she tries not to let her OCD make other people crazy. Follow her on Twitter: @MrsKatSmith.


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