DIY Painting with Lights

Pinterest light painting

I tried a DIY project for my daughters for Christmas a year or two ago. They both still use them as night lights.

You will need:

  • A canvas of any size
  • Foam decals or stickers. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby both have floral foam stickers, numbers and letters, and a few others. I chose letters.
  • Spray paint. Pinterest suggests using light colors, but I chose brighter colors.
  • Something to put beneath the canvases.
  • A small strand of Chrismas lights (I used white, but colored lights might work as well). White cords blend in with white walls the best.

First Step:

  • arrange the decals or stickers to the canvas.
  • Stick the decals or stickers to the canvas.

Second Step:

  • Spray paint the entire canvas, until the entire canvas is covered.

Third Step:

  • Once dried, remove the stickers or decals.

Fourth Step:

  • Staple the strand of lights to the back of the canvas (only staple to the wood parts, and make sure the lights are directlt behind the areas where the stickers were).
  • Leave just enough cord to plug into the light socket.

cam painting light

Light ali painting

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